Das Merch X The Size

The Size Matters!

At least when it comes to the perfect textile merchandise.

Together with Show My Size we developed product line that would fit your lines perfectly and won’t wobble. After all, it’s not just the design that matters, but the feel that clothes give us and how they lie on the body. Studies of human behaviour showed that only clothes that really fit are worn, others are used only occasionally. Our sustainability goals dictate us to create only the long lasting fashion.  But it is somehow logical, right? 

As Individual As You 

In order to create perfectly matching garments we decided to cooperate with the professional in the field of measuring: Show My Size and asked them to join us on our path. Similarly to us, they are settled here in Linz as well, just in a different startup hub. Therefore, we needed to go only to the separate building where Strada del Startup hub is located and from where Show My Size is trying to revolutionize textiles e-commerce world. With their innovative 3D Body Scan Software, associated questionnaire and expertise they are helping to find the perfectly matching garments for you. Not only that: you can also get size suggestions for each brand clothes, just need to click on the brand logo and you will get their sizing overview. From now on, you don’t need to order several pieces of different sizes of the same cloth, you can order only one and it will suit you just fine. In every sense, it is making clothing industry more sustainable!

Das Merch x Show My Size

When we found out about the new approach to revolutionize textiles e-commerce, it was immediately clear to us that we also have to use this technology for Das Merch – because then it will always be possible to offer you just the right size representative clothes. After some extensive discussions, together with Show My Size and their scanner, we now can now offer 18 individual sizes, ranging from XS to 2 XL. Everybody deserves to have perfectly matching merchandise and together with Show My Size we can guarantee that.

18 Sizes – More Is Not Possible, Really Not!

The final result of our collaboration are six new standard T-shirt sizes in three different lengths: short, medium and tall. There you will find for your employees and you guarantees the right fit. We believe that from this extensive list of sizes you can definitely find the perfect size for each of your employees.