Das Merch X Circular Economy


We’ll tell you why the Circular Economy is a big deal in 2019 and how we want to implement it for Das Merch.

Let’s look at the current linear economic model

Current economic system is largely attributed to the industrial revolution of the 18th century. The concept is based on fast and large quantities production. We strive to do more with less. However, at the same time we operate with blinders to what happens to the products after they leave manufacturing facilities. Simply put, we “take, make, dispose”- when we take raw material, produce, consume and throw stuff away. Such approach lets us create comfortable lives. However, mass consumption habits, burning of fossil fuels, dense urban environments, enlarging personal car fleets would finally lead to environmental and consequently social degradation. This way of living is simply unsustainable.

Let’s talk about Circular Economy

The circular economy is the direct counter model to the currently employed linear economy. Simply put, circular economy model aims to reuse of existing materials and products as long as possible, this way increasing resource productivity. It means that we should reuse, repair, refurbish and recycle materials, products and all their components. This extends their life cycle and reduces waste to a minimum.

Short video made by EU institutions provides a short explanation of the circular economy. EU for years has been one of the major campaigners for the change to the circular economy. After all, every European consumes approximately 14 tonnes of raw material, produces five tonnes of waste every year and only 40% of that waste is recycled. There are more than enough incentives to fundamentally tackle the problem.

There already are examples of circular economy approach working four our benefit: so-called sharing economy. Car sharing reduces the number of vehicles on the road and made our lives more comfortable or apartment sharing gives the means to use residencies more efficiently and helps to earn money along the way.

When we visited our producers in Portugal last autumn, we discussed our options. Therefore, we now offer our textiles in 100% organic cotton or 50% organic cotton & 50% recycled polyester blend. In a nutshell, the switch to fully organic and recycled materials means no pesticides and fertilizers, less energy and less emissions during the production process. Sometimes there is even no need for dyeing. In addition, our fabric remnants that would be disposed of in traditional textile production are collected and used again to make new fabric. We employ all the best ways to produce our textiles, in order to have a product that lasts longer and there is no need to often change it.

The following explanatory video displays a bit more information, you should know about the Circular Economy:

Join the Merchandise Revolution

According to The World Wildlife Fund the fashion industry produces 2.1 billion tons of waste per year worldwide. It was clear to us that we had to try a new path. Together with Vresh, our own label, we want to rely on fully organic and recycled textiles, thus making textile industry more sustainable.

We ask all our customers to help us along the way: Join the Merchandise Revolution.

Set a sign for the future with your brand and help us preserve the environment. 

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