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CREATING A STRONG BRAND: What Can Merchandise Do for Your Brand?

Merchandise can be good or bad for your brand. Here we explain why

We just say it straight: We believe in branded merchandise! Can we hear you say: amen? Well, before we demand confessions here, we first have to preach something to you. But do not worry, from here we stop with the religious allusions. You’re just thinking: Hallelujah! Sorry, sorry…

We Love Strong Brands

We believe in merchandise because we believe in your brand. It’s that simple. Das Merch works day after day to bring branded textiles to life. Fashion is a way for us to express ourselves. Carrying your own brand on your body is one of the most important forms of brand identification that your team can express. But only if you put as much passion in your merch as in the development of your company. Your merchandise should strengthen your brand, not weaken it.

Is Merchandise a Waste?

Bad garments – yes, in any case! Each of us knows these moments when we’ve been asked by companies or organisations to wear their representative clothing. I hate to remember my promotional activities in a white polo shirt with a bright green logo print. I remember how ashamed I was. You also have felt that way, right? And honestly, this kind of merchandise harms your brand and is a waste of money. I definitely never wore this t-shirt again and that was not because I did want to represent the organisation I worked for, but because it was of poor quality, ugly and absolutely uncomfortable. Unfortunately it was a complete waste of resources.

Main Question Before Creating Merchandise

In our projects page you can already see some examples of good merchandise. But here’s a brief summary of what you should consider when developing your merchandise.

Think of the target group! If you choose to produce representative textiles, always remember who you produce the garments for. Who should wear it? For what occasion? Which requirements does the textile have to meet? How does the selection of textiles match your brand? Don’t worry, we’ll be happy to help you there. But also don’t forget: you are the expert of your target group, so always think of their needs.

Let’s Make Merchandise Great Again

Give your merchandise a value! Budgets are tight. But that’s how it always is, right? Nevertheless, at Das Merch we always try to make high-quality, individualised and creative textiles for every budget. Just because you have a lower budget, doesn’t mean that your branded clothes have to be without a cool design or lower quality. It entirely depends on the use of funds!

Live sustainably – in every sense! Merchandise is only successful if it is worn as often as intended. Let’s work together to create textiles that you would love as much as your brand. If you want to do something good for your employees, colleagues, fans and everyone surroundings your organisation as well as for the environment, pay attention to the materials used: we work only with eco-friendly materials and produce only high-quality merchandise that last longer. Interested? Write us.