Das Merch X Socks


We proudly present: branded socks that rock

We think about your brand from head to toe. Are you already stacked with T-shirts? Hoodies are not the desired option for you? But something is still lacking? Then it’s time to think a bit out of the box about your merch and get your customers out of their old socks. We are proud to be the only supplier of branded socks in Austria that produces directly in EU.

Creative People Know No Limits for Custom Socks!

A cool design is of course the alpha and omega of branded socks. Do not worry, we’ll be happy to jump in at this point and help. Since there are many design options, you might lose track of time while choosing. Yes, everything is possible with us: you can print your socks all around – even on the soles. This is particularly important when there is a surprising message waiting for your customers. Need an inspiration?

If You Can Read This – Bring Me 9 Wines

Our friends of 9 wines showed a lot of creativity. Specially for their socks, we dyed the yarn with their individual brand color. Their playful logo occupied the whole upper part of the foot while the secret message was hidden on the sole. The hidden message “If you can read this – bring me wine” has taken the hearts of the 9 wine users by storm. No wonder why customers of the traditional 9-Wines Advent Calendar were particularly impressed by the socks that 9 wines team had hidden behind their door. In this sense: Feet up, bring the 9 wines!

Individualised socks design

Here Are the Lemmings, the Socks On

The Vienna AI incubator Lemmings I / O is not only known as the Austrian Headquarters for AI and Chatbots, but is also characterized by its good taste when it comes to merchandise. The coveted Lemmings socks have become the badge of the network. Understandable or?

Different socks designs

Branded Socks for Noppen

Show your feet, show your shoes – but only if you have “horny” socks. At this year’s Noppen Air Festival, the branded festival socks were in high demand at the merchandise stand. These socks dance to every beat.