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Startup merchandise create value

You are just getting started, right? You want to get something that would last and create value? Are you working to create a promo team that would scale your business? Then it is a time for us to talk about your startup merchandise!

Learn from the best

Over time we have learned  simple truth: every business needs merchandise, no matter whether it is a multinational corporation or a startup. That does not convince you yet? Then let’s go through more arguments:

One team – one shirt – one message:  representative image during events is of key importance for every startup. In addition, the importance to transmit the message that you have a strong team that doesn’t fear to show what company they belong to should not be underestimated. Business merchandise in their most visible form: shirts, hoodies, caps or bags can help you to transmit the right message even without words. As the famous communication scholar Paul Watzlawick said: “One cannot not communicate.”

Ain’t nobody got cash for that: yes, of course, funds are scarce at the beginning, therefore wise decisions have to be made. Our merch could be an example of wise decision that has long lasting value. Focus on high-quality, design that meets your wishes and prints that transmit the right message and survive numerous washes. This is how your startup looks more professional, therefore will be treated accordingly.

Let’s do it: we know the troubles, every step requires funds and time. Creating unique and individualised design for company’s clothing is probably a good example. But no worries that is why we are here and will gladly take care of it.  Design, production, shipping – we take over from here. Our design team will develop a design that would be as individual as your business.

Look like the best

We are proud to work with and produce merchandise for the coolest, most creative and successful startups in Austria: Runtastic, 9Wine, Jaasper and many more.

Have a look at our work:

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