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It’s Time for Fundamental Changes to SUSTAINABLE MERCHANDISE!

5 reasons why your company should rely on sustainable merchandise

When was the last time you rebel? Yes, really rebelled and taken a new path? In a personal life it is often easier to make changes, but to pursue new paths professionally costs an extra dose of courage. But don’t worry, we’ll try to direct you gently towards the right sustainable path. For this purpose we provide you with five good reasons that sustainable merchandise is good for your business.

Reason for sustainable merchandise: whoever says A must also dare to do B.

We all talk about sustainability, but properly implementing sustainable policies is another thing. Companies in particular like to try to act “green” with their short-term decisions, but rarely take strategic steps. 

Either way small steps also matter: small changes show credibility and generate courage to do more. So how about moving from discussions towards actions and starting with your merchandise? Eco-friendly merchandise can strengthen the credibility of your company, especially internally – and strong brands grow from the inside out.

Reason for sustainable merchandise: small changes have a big impact

We provide you with means to a more sustainable future. If you know that you need representative clothing then the next step is clear: you order what you need – in the best quality at the best price, right? 

High quality means not only paying attention to the fabric, but also how it was manufactured and processed. You cannot avoid a question here: does your quality claim go further and include resource-saving production methods? Our approach: we want the best for your brand – and our planet.

There is only one more question left: if we all go one step further, is that a movement?

Reason for sustainable merchandise: sustainable merchandise keeps its promise

Does your brand change with the seasons? Nope. Neither should your merchandise be seasonal. Think sustainably here too and work with us to develop looks that your employees will be happy to wear for the longer period.

Reason for sustainable merchandise: added value is worth more.

We do not tire of emphasizing: merchandise can do more! Well-made, eco-friendly merchandise can create value for your company and become a great investment in building your brand recognition. Your employees, partners, fans and supporters love your brand. Help them show this as much as possible: create eco-friendly merchandise that will anchor your brand in the mind of everyone. Focusing on sustainable textiles shows that your organisation cares about something more than short-term profit and fame.

Reason for sustainable merchandise: that you can also look into the mirror tomorrow

Yes, now we are opening up the heavy artillery and are also appealing to your conscience: you can choose between a sustainable or a conventional textiles, but which choice makes you feel better in the end? Sustainable clothing solution is just one click away, so give yourself a kick and choose merchandise that feels good in every way. Believe us, you’ll feel the difference when you stand in front of the mirror in your new sustainable t-shirt from Das Merch: it will definitely make you smile!

Make yourself smile – order your environmentally friendly textiles from Das Merch.