Street-style revolution

We have redefined the street style of Austria's largest regional transport network! Together with Wiener Linien, we have brought a unique and environmentally friendly collection of merchandise to the streets of Austria.

“Sustainability, quality and trusting cooperation make merch the perfect production partner for us. ”

Sabine Ludwig

Wiener Linien

The perfect mix

From cool t-shirts and jackets to casual crop tops and pants to cozy hoodies, longsleeves and socks — every product is designed with attention to detail and made from sustainable materials.

The implementation

The merchandise is not only great in terms of style, but also environmentally friendly. We show that sustainability is not only important, but can also be really stylish.

The result

Simply incomparable! The employees of Wiener Linien love their new company clothes! From drivers to service personnel — everyone is impressed by the new look, which is not only stylish but also comfortable and functional. They proudly represent their company and radiate a unique team identity.

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