Vollpension, a unique company that connects generations, has teamed up with us to develop a diverse and sustainable collection of merchandise. Vollpension is known for its innovative concepts and commitment to bringing older and younger generations together.

“It's good to know that the textiles in our Turbokitsch collection are produced fairly, sustainably and of the highest quality. Because, as grandma says: “Buy what goes wrong, then you'll have more joy! ”. The merch definitely gets the grandma seal of approval from us!”

Manuel Gruber


A unique collection

Our collaboration has produced a colorful and diverse collection that perfectly reflects the values and spirit of Vollpension. The “Turbokitsch” collection comprises a wide range of products, all manufactured with great attention to detail and in sustainable production. Each piece tells a story and combines traditional craftsmanship with modern design.

Focus on sustainability

When developing the collection, our focus was on sustainability and fairness. All products are manufactured under fair conditions and are made from environmentally friendly materials. In doing so, we not only support the vision of Vollpension, but also contribute to a more conscious and sustainable consumer culture.

A strong sense of community

The products in the full board collection are not only stylish accessories, but also symbols of community and solidarity. Whether young or old — the collection brings people together and promotes intergenerational exchange. With every purchase, customers support the valuable work of full board and contribute to strengthening the bridge between generations.

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